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Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism

Abnormalities in Mitochondrial Function in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Abnormalities in mitochondrial function appear to affect a significant number of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) but the nature of these abnormalities is poorly understood. Through critical literature reviews, clinical research and basic research, my team and I have investigated the nature of mitochondrial abnormalities in ASD. Our recent research suggests the nature of mitochondrial dysfunction in ASD is distinct from other forms of mitochondrial disease in its metabolic nature and with respect to molecular signaling pathways. We have developed a model of mitochondrial dysfunction related to ASD based on cell lines to allow us to study it in the laboratory in detail.

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Clinical Studies on Mitochondrial Function in Autism

Clinical and Molecular Characteristics of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Case Studies of mitochondrial dysfunction in children with autism spectrum disorder

Developmental regression and mitochondrial dysfunction in a child with autism.

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Autistic Siblings with Novel Mutations in Two Different Genes: Insight forGenetic Workups of Autistic Siblings and Connection to Mitochondrial Dysfunction.

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Cellular Models of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism

Mitochondrial and redox abnormalities in autism lymphoblastoid cells: a sibling control study.

Rose, S., Bennuri, S.C., Wynne, R., Melnyk, S., James, S.J., Frye, R.E. FASEB J. 2017; 31(3):904-909.

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Oxidative stress induces mitochondrial dysfunction in a subset of autism lymphoblastoid cell lines in a well-matched case control cohort.

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Toxicants Modulate mitochondrial function in Cellular models of
autism spectrum disorder

Oxidative Stress Challenge Uncovers Trichloroacetaldehyde
Hydrate-Induced Mitoplasticity in Autistic and Control Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines.

Frye, R.E., Rose, S., Wynne, R., Bennuri, S.C., Blossom, S., Gilbert, K.M., Heilbrun, L.,
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Increased susceptibility to ethylmercury-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in a subset of autism lymphoblastoid cell lines.

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enteric short chain fatty acids modulate mitochondrial function in in cell line model of autism spectrum disorder

Butyrate enhances mitochondrial function during oxidative stress in cell lines from boys with autism.

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Modulation of mitochondrial function by the microbiome metabolite propionic acid in autism and control cell lines.

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